Business Loans


Smooth out the ups and downs of cash flow with an overdraft.

  • Provides cash flow relief with funds to cover business expenses, such as invoices and wages until you’re paid.
  • Provides added security (and peace of mind) that you can pay suppliers and wages when cash flow gets tight
  • Expand your business by using ‘extra’ funds to tender for larger jobs
  • Negotiate better terms and discounts with suppliers using the overdraft for larger upfront payments.
  • Flexible repayment options

Pay what you can, when you can – as long as the overdraft stays under the agreed limit.

No minimum or maximum amount (credit criteria apply)

Variable interest rate (fixed rate not available)

Easily manage and access your business overdraft via Online, Telephone, Mobile or Tablet Banking and the lenders ATM network.

Business Loan

This is a fixed or variable rate business loan with flexible repayment options. Only pay interest on the amount you owe.

Variable rate

Make extra payments, which could reduce interest paid over the life of the loan

Option to swap between interest only or principal and interest repayments

Redraw allows you to make extra payments and access these funds later.

Fixed rate

Provides certainty in knowing what you’re up for with each repayment

Protects you from potential future interest rate movements.

Terms and loan security

The term of your Business Loan will vary depending on security offered (you can always swap if your situation changes):

Loan term up to 25 years when residential property used as security

Loan term up to 15 years when commercial or rural property used as security.

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