Investment loans


Finding the right investment home loan is almost as important as finding the right property. Trusted Mortgage Broker has access to more than 25 lenders, who offer products such as interest only investment loans and packages that may allow you to continue purchasing properties in the future without application fees. If you already own a property you may even be able to purchase an investment property without a cash deposit. If you choose the right property your tenant and the tax man may be able to cover the vast majority of your monthly loan repayment.

Investment Loan Options

Many lenders offer investment property loans. The lender you choose to apply with should be based on your specific financial situation. Each investor has their own investment goals and risk profile and therefore they may be better suited with a particular lender. By negative gearing your property portfolio with the right loans you can maximise your borrowing capacity, extend your interest only periods and reduce the size of your deposits. This means that you can buy more investment properties and achieve your investment goals faster!

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Trusted Mortgage Broker has a great range of mortgage calculators to help with all those tough decisions that come with finding the right loan. Have a look at our calculators on our website to help you further.


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