One of the main questions we get asked at Trusted Mortgage Broker is, ‘Why use a mortgage broker in the first place?’ Here’s a rundown of some of the benefits:

Choice of Home Loan Products

When you engage an experienced, professional mortgage broker, you get a whole lot more choice. Trusted Mortgage Broker gives you access to over to 25 lenders.

Save Time & Money

Comparing hundreds of home loans from dozens of lenders means we’re able to identify the right loan for you and, depending on the loan product, we can also negotiate a discount on your loan which can save you money over the life of the loan.

A quality mortgage broker will do all the legwork on your behalf. This includes liaising with the lenders, conveyancers, settlement agencies, real estate agents, accountants and builders.

Good Education

One of the best answers to the ‘why use a mortgage broker’ question is that the importance of informed decision-making cannot be underestimated. There are hundreds of mortgage options out there, but what one is best suited to your particular situation? Every lender seems to use different terminology and product features, and of course every home loan is accompanied by lots of terms and conditions. So between the sheer variety of options and the overwhelming fine print, even making an ‘apples-for-apples’ comparison of lenders is a daunting task, let alone making an actual decision!

A good mortgage broker will carefully assess your situation before calling upon years of knowledge and contacts to identify exactly the right mortgage for you.

Reduce the Risk of Being Declined

If you’ve been refused a mortgage by one lender, you won’t necessarily be refused by everyone. But knowing what lenders are more lenient and what lenders are very strict requires more than just a comparison of their websites. All lenders have different credit policies and overarching restrictions on who they’ll lend to. By engaging a broker with specialist knowledge of lender policies, you significantly reduce the risk of being declined.

An experienced and professional mortgage broker will also look after you for the life of your loan, and make sure the bank is looking after you. They’ll proactively stay in contact with you, periodically checking that your loan is still right for you.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker from Trusted Mortgage Broker?

  • We are serious business owners and take pride in looking after our clients for the long term, so we will always be here to take care of you
  • We offer first home buyer info sessions so that they can be fully equipped on how to achieve their goals
  • Trusted Mortgage Broker will educate you on how to use your home loan products correctly, such as the 100% offset account, so you pay less interest to the bank – and put more money into your pocket to reach your financial goals
  • For those of you with a small or no deposit, we educate you on how genuine savings and non-genuine savings can get you home loan approval
  • We do all the running around and bring the banks to you, managing the process for you from application to settlement. We also negotiate with lenders to find the recommended home loan that is suitable for your individual needs
  • After your loan has settled, we don’t just disappear! We are still around to answer your questions and keep you up to date with what is happening in the property and home loan market.
  • Another reason why using a mortgage broker with us is beneficial is that we educate you about your credit history and how it can possibly mean a declined loan application
  • We will package your home loan application with all the supporting documentation and lodge it electronically with your chosen lender
  • By professionally structuring your home loan application, we give you a good chance of getting your home loan approved the first time<
  • We take care of the First Home Owner Grant for first home buyers
  • Trusted Mortgage Broker will supply you with a Credit Guide & Privacy Policy
  • We will always complete a full client needs analysis before recommending any home loan product or providing credit advice
  • We help to structure a home loan the right way from the beginning so that the investor can use negative gearing effectively
  • We will liaise with your conveyancing solicitor, chase the bank valuers, and do everything we can to make your home loan progress smoothly
  • Trusted Mortgage Broker educates you about the different home loans and how LVRs can affect the interest rate
  • We advise the first home buyer about lenders mortgage insurance
  • We will help you structure your investment home loans correctly so that you can get your maximum refunds on tax such as depreciation
  • We are helpful, friendly experienced professionals who are trained to understand your financial situation

Still wondering ‘why use a mortgage broker’? If you are, why not come to one of our info sessions? You’ll be pampered with lots of assistance to help you on your journey to purchasing your dream home in Australia.


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